Early Birdsong

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Sunday 30th January 2000

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song thrush IT'S MILDER this morning. The wind has dropped and, as it's a Sunday, the drone of traffic has subsided. Perhaps that's why it seems like spring, the birdsong suddenly seems more noticable. A Song Thrush goes through its eccentric phrases from the top branches of an Ash, overlooking the streamside meadow at the edge of the wood.

great tits
The see-sawing 'tee-cher, tee-cher, tee-cher' song of the Great Tit rings through the wood.

blackbirdstarling In the village a Blackbird sings flutey phrases from the apex of a garage roof, while Starlings go through their soft throaty warblings in the branches of nearby trees.

yellowhammer Not singing, just perching, in a tree above the stables are four male Yellowhammers, dotted like ripe fruits on the bare branches.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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