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Saturday 29th January 2000

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wren A WREN hops under the upturned dustbin lid on the patio. It was my idea to recycle the old lid as a bird bath when ice cracked the previous one, a plastic plant tray. With a couple of apple branches as perches I see it as an ingenious piece of improvisation . . . Barbara sees it as an upside down dustbin lid in the middle of the patio! I have to admit that it has taken the birds a while to get used to it, but the resident Robin and the occasional female House Sparrow drink from it.

wren The wren spends twenty of thirty seconds hunting about underneath, then hops out the other side and continues to search by the plant tub.

female blackbird
A female Blackbird swoops down to feed on the bird table. Framed by its cover she looks large and plump. She's nearly three times the length of the wren.

dunnockblue titlong-tailed tit Other visitors to the bird table today include Blue Tits, a Long-tailed Tit and a Dunnock (also known as a Hedge Sparrow, although, of course, it isn't a true sparrow).

rain over Thornhill
Afternoon rain brings a cool misty light to the valley.

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Richard Bell,
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