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Soft Rain

Saturday 29th July 2000
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fantailscumulusIT'S NOT THE BEST of summer days, but it's worth taking a walk, if only to hear the patter of rain on the leaf canopy in the wood. As the shower passes, there's a soft light over the valley. Pale gold fields contrast with dull green trees and hedges. The sandstone mills, chapels and town hall of Dewsbury glint in a beam of sunlight shining from a break in the cloud.

fantails By the evening the shower has continued eastwards and is towering, snowy white, over the Vale of York, twenty miles away.

hoverfly A small hoverfly visits one after another of the printed flowers on a patterned fabric hanging on the washing line.

As the sun goes down, two white Fantail pigeons make circuits of the garden, diving at each other. In the sunlight their white plumage is tinted gold.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

E-mail; 'richard@daelnet.co.uk'

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