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Sunday 30th July 2000
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A COMMA and a (male) Wall Brown butterfly join the bumblebees visiting the Marjoram flowers in the herb bed.

The summer's sun makes me decide that it's about time I repainted the upstairs windows at the front of the house; a job that I started 2 or 3 years ago but somehow didn't get around to finishing. On a day like today this kind of painting is as enjoyable, probably more enjoyable, than painting a watercolour; it's a therapeutic 'mindless' task.

wasp Just to add an element of interest, as I stand at the top of the ladder wasps are on constant patrol. One or two of them seem to be continuously checking out the brickwork and gutters. No wonder the spider I saw the other day needed the trick of making itself inconspicuous against the wall. This summer there always seems to be a wasp flying up and down in our bedroom window.

White-tailWe've remarked that we haven't seen our resident male Blackbird 'White-tail' for the past ten days or so. Today he's shown up again. We may have seen him in the last week and not recognised him; he has moulted his white tail feather and the replacement is just starting to appear.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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