Wild West Yorkshire nature diary
long-tailed tit lapwing

Ash and Elder

Tuesday 7th March 2000

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elder bush
A DEAD ELDER by a field gatepost is bleached like bones on a strandline.

A clump of Ash on the hedgebank further along the lane has been slashed by the hedge trimmer on repeated occasions. Nobbly 'knees' mark old scars.

ash hedgeash hedgeash hedgeash hedgeash hedgeash hedge wren's nest?blue tit A swirl of grasses with a little moss included in the lining is set in one of the hedgerow bushes. It is probably a Wren's nest left over from last year. It is the shape of a beaker, set on its side. Three Blue Tits seem to be chasing one another in the branches of a Chestnut in the park, perhaps as a prelude to pairing up.

the temporary floodlapwing The puddle-come-pool has reformed in a field by the canal. Three Black-headed Gulls stand at its edge, not yet in their black-headed plumage alongside a single Lapwing. The lapwing sports a crest that is at least as long as its head. There's a metallic sheen on the green feathers on its back.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

E-mail; 'richard@daelnet.co.uk'

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