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Tuesday 28th March 2000
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rabbit DAFFODILS bloom by the hedge at Lady Ings Farm. A young Rabbit sits amongst the seedling corn (barley?), close to its home in the hedgebank. These are scenes you'd associate with Easter, but that falls late this year - it is still more than three weeks away.

green woodpecker From the towpath we hear the 'Yaffle!' of a Green Woodpecker close by. For once, it is useful for me to be 6ft 4 inches tall. If I stretch to look over the thorn-topped embankment I can see it perched on a powerline pole. Barbara can't even see the top of the pole. Moving on we find a place where we can scramble up under the thorn bushes.

Like some cartoon woodpecker, it is sitting there clinging to the post, not drilling a hole, although it does seem to take a peck at a passing insect. There are more powerline poles than trees within a hundred yards of it and we have it with an old mungo and shoddy factory as a background. We tried, but green woodpeckerfailed, to see green woodpeckers in the wood last week. It's wonderful to see this striking bird in such an incongruous setting. A symbol of the wilder side of West Yorkshire.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

E-mail; 'richard@daelnet.co.uk'

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