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Wednesday 24th November 1999

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sparrowhawkrain cloud THERE'S FIERY RED in the sunrise above the wood this morning, but that's about the nearest to warmth we get today. It is dull, windy at times and this evening, as I write, the rain is lashing on the studio window.

I'm busy indoors all day, but, while I'm standing at the kitchen window waiting for the kettle to boil, I see a brown, barred, female Sparrowhawk cruise across the garden just a few inches above the hedgetops.

river Calderthorn hedges By four in the afternoon I can't stand being indoors any longer and I set out with my usual excuse, a letter to post. By then it's so dark that lights are reflected in the river and canal. Thorns are dark against the glow of the sky, which has a warm cast towards the west and a blue cast in the east.

Perhaps, somewhere behind all that ragged cloud, the full moon is rising.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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