Five for Silver

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Saturday 27th November 1999

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black-headed gullskestrelFIVE MAGPIES, proverbially for silver, have gathered by the cricket pitch. A couple of Black-headed Gulls fly down the valley as if casually browsing while one Kestrel flies across the the canal with a more powerful urgent flight, followed by a second.

redwingsredwings Where thorn bushes line the canal banks at least two hundred Fieldfares and Redwings wheel about.

great titsgreat tit I don't think it's just the bare branches that make them more visible; there do seem to be more Great Tits around at this time of year.

It's barely two o'clock but it's so dull today that it feels like late afternoon. But at least in a month from now the days will be getting longer again.

A yellow lichen on a concrete post provides a welcome accent of colour.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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