Red Admiral

Red Deer, Red Admiral

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Thursday 28th October 1999

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Emley television mast, Cannon Hall woods

RED DEER graze the slopes near Worsborough Country Park, South Yorkshire. The deer farm here has been established for some twenty years, but it still comes as a pleasant surprise to me to see the herd from the motorway.

deer farm As the northbound M1 approaches West Yorkshire it crosses the brow of a hill and suddenly there's Emley Moor television mast straight ahead on the skyline. It's the first thing you see of the county. On nearer slopes, around Cannon Hall, blocks of Larches in the plantations are now turning ochre in contrast to darker conifers.

red admiralsilver birches, canal In the noonday sun, a Red Admiral flutters around, then settles on, a garden Quince. The golden apple-shaped fruits have an old-fashioned spicy smell.

redwings The Silver Birches by the canal are at the height of their autumn colour. Hawthorns are crimson with berries. A flock of Redwings is feeding in the thorns, then wheeling about over the canal. Their calls are a soft ratchet-sound.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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