Japanese Brush

Thursday, 12th January 2006


Now, this is more the effect that I was after: the Sakuyo Japanese paintbrush gives a more varied line than the bamboo pen that I was trying yesterday. There's such a variety in that line; more so than in drawings made with my fountain pens or with my Pentel brush pen. The bristles are sheep (sometimes described as white goat) and sable (sometimes described as weasel).

It will be perfect for my Peak District book. As the Chinese ink I'm using comes in an elegant ceramic bottle I shall have to find something more stable and secure if I'm going to use it on location


Sakuyo Japanese paintbrush

Too Much Essence?

Once it has dried, the Chinese ink is waterproof, so, for this first drawing with the Sakuyo brush, I added a wash of watercolour.

These Yogurt and Chocolate Chip Cookies are from Dan Price's How to Make a Journal of Your Life. He gives the recipe for his daughter Shilo's homemade cookies. The cookies come at the end of the book, but, as I'm already up to speed on his suggestions for drawing and writing journals, I thought I'd go right on ahead to the cookies. Great book, delicious cookies; though I might go a little easier on the almond essence next time! Next Page

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