The Thoughts of Chairman John

Wednesday, 11th January 2006

Well, actually it's the president's address I was listening to yesterday evening when John Gardner, our wildlife photographer president at Wakefield Naturalists' Society, summarised the wilder side of the last year. Guess some day I ought to draw John and the other characters at the Nats but, as none of the reports last very long, they keep bobbing up and down so I drew these chairs at last night's meeting instead.

Talking of characters, Richard Brook, our long-serving Conservation Officer, handed in his resignation from the post tonight; he's been doing the job since 1973 and has been on the committee since 1963. Even I don't go back that far.

As I've probably mentioned before, Richard gave me my first book cover commission; for the 1972 Wakefield Bird Report. That was a bit of history in itself as it was the first bird report for the area since the Victorian heydays of field natural history. As far as I know, the only previous account of the Birds of Wakefield was by William Talbot, also a Nats member, in 1876.

And, no, Richard doesn't remember him; he's been doing the job since 1973, remember, not 1873.

Chinese ink

Bamboo Pens

A large parcel arrives containing 20 sheets of scrunched up brown paper and, amongst it all, three bamboo pens in varying sizes, one Sakuyo Japanese paintbrush and this 150 ml. bottle of Chung Hwa Chinese Ink, which I've drawn with the 17 cm long, 1 cm diameter bamboo pen. Next Page

bamboo pen

Richard Bell,


John Gardner, Wild Scenes