magpieBeck and Call

Monday, 9th January 2006

the woodduckA drake mallard watches attentively over his mate as she dabbles at the muddy edge of Westgate Beck, right next to the main road into Wakefield. I wouldn't have thought there would be much of nutritive value but she's evidently filtering something from that soft messy-looking mud. Then a cyclist stops and starts tearing up pieces of sliced white bread. As he scatters them on the water a group of ducks and drakes soon gather.

mallardsJust time for a watercolour before sunset as I listen to a Mozart piano concerto on the radio. Wood pigeons gather in one of the ivy-covered ash trees while a magpie stands on the top branch of the adjacent ash, as if keeping watch over the wood. Its mate isn't far away.

Good; that's 'two for joy' in the old rhyme. Next Page

Richard Bell,