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Dales Round-up

Richard Bell’s nature diary Friday, 4th July 2008, page 1 of 1

Ingleton, North Yorkshire, 10 a.m.

A FEW high-pitched whistles, three stop/crouch/ stare movements from the black border collie and the whole flock of sheep is making its way, more or less in single file, from the field.


I’m giving my arm a rest so these were all drawn with my left hand. I’m forced to simplify, which I think makes the drawing of the tree into more of a design than my usual right-handed observational drawings.


Even the colour was added with the Pentel Aquash water-brush in my left hand (and so was the lettering).


Along with the meadowsweet and yellow vetch (I think this was Meadow Vetchling, Lathyrus aphaca) watercress was in flower by the stream between me and the sheep.

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