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Weeding the Pond

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Tuesday, 23rd September 2008

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HIGH TIME to weed the pond to create some open water and give the oxygenating pondweeds a chance. This floating water-weed, here piled up to allow water creatures to find their way back into the pond, is one which I assume has been introduced to our garden pond as a small fragment, perhaps on the feet of a visiting mallard. There are large rafts of it, about ten feet across, along the quieter edge of the local canal. As I pick it out, I separate any strands of pondweed I find and pop them back into the water.

A word of advice: if you’ve invested in some long-armed gloves for pond work, don’t leave them in a box in the garden shed; mine have had two holes - one in each glove - nibbled in the tip of the rubberised fingers by some rogue rodent. I wore household gloves inside them as I worked.


The iris, which now has seed-pods on its stems, has taken over about a quarter of the pond, so I need to thin that out too. It has large, thick rhizomes, matted together beneath the water, which are difficult to lift and divide.