grey squirrel

Grey Day

Saturday 7th October 2000, West Yorkshire
nimbus TODAY it's just what you might expect for October; grey, misty, cool . . . and raining most of the day.

A Grey Squirrel makes a short visit to the patio. It's not a frequent visitor to the garden. I wonder whether the wet weather has prompted it to leave the wood in search of easier grey squirrelpickings in the gardens along our road, which will now have plenty of food on bird tables and peanut hangers.

Next door's Sunflower still hangs, heavy and intact, like a giant-sized shower head over the hedge. The squirrel hasn't nibbled any of it. One year when we grew sunflowers, with the birds in mind, a squirrel took a fancy to them and made off with chunks of the seedhead and buried them around the garden.

wood pigeon Equally subdued and grey; a Wood Pigeon seen against the afternoon page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
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