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Thursday 27th January 2000

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Low Hill, Thornes Park, Wakefield

carrion crow ON LOWE HILL in Thornes Park, Wakefield, you can see strips which I believe are traces of the medieval field system which can be seen on old maps of the area. The pen and ink sketch, from my Thornes Park booklet, shows the summit plateau looking towards the tree-covered remains of a motte and bailey castle.

Mistle Thrush At the foot of the hill on the grass of the Clarence Park Arena, some twenty Mistle Thrushes and six Carrion Crows are feeding on the soft ground.

blackbird A group of Blackbirds favour the drier leaf litter on the crest of the hill.

Canada geese The Canada Geese, as you'd expect, are on park lake.

robinhouse sparrow Back home the Robin chases a House Sparrow from the bird table. Whitetail the Blackbird, is, as usual, defending his garden domain, his single white tail feather has become set askew in his tail.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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